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A Poem for Dead Ships

Documentation of performance at Bowling Harbour Ship Graveyard, reading out a found poem made collaboratively with the community who live there.


‘Please take a piece of paper and write on it a word or sentence that represents either your feelings towards this particular place (Bowling Harbour) or a response to the exhibition around you. If you are stuck for ideas why not look at the mind map on the wall or have a look at some of the books and text resources on the tables. A feeling, a thought, an idea, a colour, a smell, a texture, a reflection. I will be collecting these together to create a collaborative found poem, that is, a poem made by putting together all your responses to create one piece of text. I will then speak this poem to the Ghost Shipyard, to remind dead ships there are still voices at the harbour.’

A quiet corner, 


of creativity.


now re-lives 


damp, biting, cold


Wee histories

Tiny shells

Gloopy creation

sticking mud



in every joint



industrial in nature


You know;

when it’s been raining in Glasgow

Only a wee half will help.


A found home

journey, now woken

sleeping ships

breathing space



connections made.

safe, grounded


by the elements

your boat rises

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