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Slowly and Deliberately She Cultivates the Landscape of his Face

Stone, Cast Iron

Her waters break.
Water breaks, on jagged rocks.
Cupped hands reach below the surface, splashing on noses and cheekbones
that echo the same shape.
Slowly and deliberately
she cultivates the landscape of his face, running transparent hands over and over
solid and still skin that offers little resistance.

Now it is him that lies paralysed,
overwhelmed by her strength,
immobilised by his own weight.
Stoney mattresses deter thoughts of sleep and wet dreams.
She warns;
a river bed is not for lying,
unless you wish to surrender your appearance to viscous imagination
and the possibility of being pulled,
against your will and in the wrong direction.

But at least then he’ll realise how she feels.

[This stone was found in a river in Aberdeenshire while swimming with four other women. The river was at the bottom of a hill called ‘Tap O’Noth’, known for looking like a breast, as documented by male ‘discoverers’. Upon reaching the top of the hill fort, explorers and hill walkers would place a stone on its peak, over time creating a nipple in the sky line. The iron cast was also made while in Aberdeenshire.]

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